Malawi Mission- October 2012

The S.H.A.Y. Foundation completed our second consecutive mission to Lilongwe, Malawi in October, 2012... Read More

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Dr. Shay Dean

Providing volunteer reconstructive surgery to children needing treatment for congenital anomalies , such as cleft lip... Read More

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Webbed neck surgical procedure performed by Dr. Dean.

Dr. Dean partnered with Operation of Hope in Papua New Guinea to perform 30 cleft surgerie for children in need.

Prince Mlelemba was born in 1994 with a facial cleft and hemifacial microsomia. He has facial asymmetry, a cross bite (malocclusion), and difficulty opening his mouth due to his jaw malformation. Please help Dr. Dean raise money to bring him to the United States for specialized care of his condition. He needs multiple procedures, a designated team, and resources that are not available at this time at his community hospital. He would like improved form to his facial asymmetry and improved function of his ability to open and close his mouth.

Winny is a middle aged woman who was driving when a boulder crashed through the windshield and pushed her mid-face inward. She has been seen by Dr. Dean three years in a row without having her facial bones and the bridge of her nose reconstructed. Dr. Dean did not feel it was safe to do this operation again this year because of the lack of specialized instruments needed for the case and because the hospital does not have enough reserves in the blood bank in case she needs a transfusion. The S.H.A.Y. foundation would like to raise enough money to bring Winny to the United States in the near future if possible to help her with her concerns.

Talandila is a 2 year old girl who underwent cleft lip repair to restore shape, form, and function. With your assistance, many more children can be surgically reconstructed for years to come. Please support our mission to provide this service in Africa and around the world.

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